“As long as it's a calculated risk, take it, don't look back” – Casanova Brooks


Casanova Brooks is an award-winning author, high-energy keynote speaker, and entrepreneur.

Through his battles with adversity in many stages of his life including stage four lymphoma cancer, to losing his mother, job, and home in a matter of a couple of weeks, even with having very limited resources…Casanova learned to develop a bulletproof mindset and build meaningful relationships to thrive and succeed in life and business.  From producing 46 deals and $8 million in his first year in real estate, to now owning multiple businesses, he has proven his ability to overcome and win.

Casanova now focuses on empowering others to focus on developing their mindset and sharpen their relationship skills to thrive in life and business.   


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Richard Webb
Executive Director - 100 Black men of Omaha

Casanova is an extraordinary motivational speaker that motivates and engages any audience that he speaks in front of. He has this realm about him that allows him to truly captivate an audience from the second he opens his mouth until the speech is done.

Mike Gahan
AVP - Thryv / Dex Media

During my 30 years working with thousands in sales and marketing professionals all over the country, I have met no one else like Casanova Brooks.  He simply makes things happen.  He brings focus and energy at such a high level that success is inevitable.  His personal and professional story is as compelling as any I have come across.  His charisma, perseverance, and drive have inspired so many of those he has touched during his career, including me. 

Jaymes Sime
Executive Director of Micah House

“Casanova wears his passion like a t-shirt. Casanova delivers energy, insight, motivation or inspiration. Casanova has a special gift for sharing strong personal stories with business insights to elevate the thinking of an audience. If you’re looking for someone to help your business reach out to Casanova.”

Dr. Idalene Williams
President of National Coalition of 100 Black Women Greater Omaha and PH.D Business professor at MCC

“Casanova offers valuable information on how to build wealth.  Casanova engages audiences with his wealth of knowledge and willingness to share information to increase economic empowerment in communities.”

Jamie Walker
CEO - JetLinx Aviation

“Casanova has an infectious energy and ability to quickly engage with others. This, coupled with his will to win, makes him a great asset to help any business.”

Luper Akough
Agent/ Owner - Farm Bureau Financial Services

“Casanova is a man of a forward-thinking mindset. He emphasizes how essential your placement of energy is.By shutting down negative thoughts and removing yourself from negative environments, he proclaims that this allows you to thrive with no distractions and/or roadblocks. ”

Moniki Cannon
Founder - Gunn & Cannon Empowerment Group

I would highly recommend Casanova for your next event!  His charisma and dynamic personality draws audiences in, his thought-provoking message creates a memorable experience for each participant, and his stories will leave your team ready to take action.If you are looking for a speaker that can leave your team feeling empowered, focused and ready to take things to the next level, Casanova is a great choice!

Shonna Dorsey
Independent Talent Development Consultant

Casanova is one of the most charismatic, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and thoughtful leaders I’ve met in my career. His relatable and friendly communication style makes it easy for him to help people at any skill level understand complex marketing and sales topics. I highly recommend Casanova for any keynote or sales consulting opportunity within your organization.

Arthur Lyle
Entrepreneur, Author, Barber, Hairbiz Trainer, Motivational Speaker

Casanova is a self-made leader. I’ve watched him grow him his mindset and business with-in a few short years from scratch. He is a true example of consistency meeting hard work. His professional energy is contagious and continues to somehow he finds a way to re-light an entrepreneur spark!


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Are You Ready to Build A Life by YOUR Design?

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and I’ll make sure you’re equipped with all my tips, tricks, and resources!