Casanova Brooks is an award-winning real estate agent, investor, speaker, and CEO.

Who would have thought that a man who once had no home to house his family in and no job to earn income, would’ve locked in 46 real estate deals in his first year as a real estate agent and earn the rookie of the year award in a brand new city with no family, friends, or network? – That’s Casanova Brooks for you! Casanova is a successful entrepreneur, Real Estate agent, investor, influential speaker, and CEO, but most importantly, a Relationship Builder cultivating and transforming young and old minds into productive ones.

Nurturing the ideology – It Starts With Your Mindset – Casanova Brooks held up strong when he hit rock bottom. He learned it the tough way in his early days when he was diagnosed with a life-threatening cancer at the age of 15. Years later, he faced another devastating turning point in his life. Within a one week span, Casanova lost his mom, his home, and his job. Without nothing left but love and support from his wife and family, Casanova vowed to pick himself up and started internally focusing on a growth mindset. He went all in, with his back against the wall he kept fighting, and when his hard work finally was met with a great opportunity, the tables were turned. Not only clearing 6 figures as a real estate agent in his first year, on his first real estate investment endeavor, he cleared $41,000 in profit and has continued to build a successful portfolio.

“As long as it’s a calculated risk, take it, don’t look back” – Casanova Brooks

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These are the views which helped to develop the mindset of someone who defied the odds to pave his path to be a successful investor, entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, and a fruitful relationship builder. Let Casanova Brooks walk you through the thicks and thins of your personal and professional life’s hurdles.

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Casanova Brooks

Entrepreneur - Investor - Relationship builder

Casanova Brooks started off with zero and took his life to a six-figure business using his skill of building fruitful relationships and growth mindset. He has used his skills to teach others the same through live events and seminars. Students, employees, young entrepreneurs deserve to hear what this successful entrepreneur has to deliver.

Casanova’s events and seminars are inspiring, insightful and teach you the realistic and practical ways to have better professional and personal life. Students, employees, and entrepreneurs who have attended Casanova’s seminars say that these events have bringing  have been turning point in their lives. They were able to grow in life by following the principles taught by Casanova Brooks. “You can feel empowered, you can accomplish anything you want to because it’s possible” – Casanova Brooks

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